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Protect your cleanroom, the AGMA way

Only AGMA is manufactured in the UK to meet global standards.


Quality you can trust

For over 50 years, AGMA has built a reputation for quality and service, providing chemical solutions that enable organisations in highly-regulated markets to enhance the performance of their delivery systems, supply chain and production.

Only the highest standard

Every AGMA product has been formulated by our in-house experts, manufactured in the UK, and is audited internally and externally by representatives from the pharmaceutical industry. This ensures they are of the highest quality and effectiveness, and has enabled our certification BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Where to buy AGMA

AGMA cleanroom solutions are available through our distributors and directly through our website.  Any others you come across are imitations, are not manufactured in the UK and are not tested to the same standards. Head to our website to purchase directly. 

Explore the AGMA Range

Download the guide to explore our full range of solutions that have been formulated to help healthcare businesses effectively reduce product contamination.

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